Positive Relationships

A Catalyst School believes a sound education is rooted in a supportive and loving community that honors the dignity and value of each individual. Catalyst is passionate about a culture built on right relationship that honors a spirit of faith in one self, faith in each other, and faith in a hopeful future. The Catalyst philosophy emphasizes profound reverence for each student as uniquely gifted; respectful relationships lived in community; high expectations of ourselves and others; treating each other the way we want to be treated; the promotion of justice and peace.

Catalyst expects every member of the community to acquire this interior disposition through reflection and self-awareness in order to model and animate a classroom and school with this belief. This begins firstly with the act of seeing – noticing others and being fully present to them. In the teacher-student relationship, it means recognizing and greeting every child by name and honoring their presence. Above all, it means every community member strives toward right relationship.

Catalyst considers this belief a hallmark of our schools and a critical element in the education of a child.


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