Holistic Education

A Catalyst School addresses and develops the academic, physical, social, and emotional needs of a student. Our personnel believe this well-rounded education is essential for future success for all students.

Scholars at each Catalyst campus are provided a rigorous academic curriculum with a heavy emphasis on balanced literacy and STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programming.  Regardless of a scholar's academic level, Catalyst staff strive to find a scholar's areas of strength and areas for growth to create a learning experiences that fit the scholar's learning style and ability.

Scholars are not solely instructed in core subjects, but are also provided opportunities to interface with the arts and physical education during the school day.  Numerous after-school activities are also provided at each campus, ranging from clubs focused on poetry and cooking to various sports.

 Scholars learn social-emotional skills through targeted instruction around positive character traits and values, which scholars and staff embody in their daily interactions. Catalyst has multiple certified Social Workers on staff at each of our campuses to ensure that we work towards meeting the social and emotional needs of each of our scholars. 

At Catalyst, our staff, scholars and school communities holistically develop children and their ability to be active collaborators in their own education and lives.  This mission allows children to open minds and hearts to life, to love, and to knowledge.

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