Resources for Scholar, Parents and Families

At Catalyst Maria, we want to help you and your scholar be prepared for success at our school and beyond!  Below you can find links to online resources, downloadable forms, and other documents.

School Resources

Medical Forms and Policies

Catalyst Schools follow the medical polcies of our district authorizer, Chicago Public Schools. Applicable forms and policies can be found by following this link.

Community Resources

Ada's mission is to assist individuals and families that need help in finding and pursuing paths leading to healthy, productive lives.  They provide:  Youth Counseling, Alternative School Placement Programs, Mental Health Services, Child Care, Counseling, Job Training, Education Assistance.

Located:  2715 W. 63rd Street, Chicago, IL 60629. 

Phone 773-918-6100

Metropolitan Family Services profe help to families and individuals through the following programs: Child and Youth Development, Counseling, Economic Stability, Employee Assistance Network, Legal Aid, Mental Health, Older Adult Services, Parent Development, Public Policy, Violence Prevention and Intervention.

Located:  3843 W. 63rd Street, Chicago, IL 60629

Phone: 773-884-3310

Family Resuce is dedicated to eliminating domestic violence in the Chicago community by providing comprehensive support services and shelters for victims of domestic violence.

24 Hour Crisis Line:  800-360-6619

Located:  6822 South Ridgeland Ave. Chicago, IL 60649

Chicago Workforce Centers connect businesses and job-seeking Chicagoans with government funded resources.  Range of programs offer every service from talent recruiting and career development to clinical case management.

Located: 4314 S. Cottage Grove Ave.  Chicago, IL 60653

Phone: 773-538-5627

Chicago Family Assistance Centers offer supportive services such as energy assistance, social services, health services, child care, crisis response and employment services.

Located:  845 W. 69th Street, Chicago, IL 60621

Phone: 312-747-0200

Support Catalyst    

Please join our efforts as a champion for changing lives at The Catalyst Schools. If you would like to speak with a Catalyst staff member about your donation, please call us at 773-295-7001.