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There is no greater relationship in a Catalyst School than that between a teacher and a student. It is filled with wonder, awe and enormous power. A reflective teacher, aware of and grounded in the sacred and privileged nature of that relationship, impacts the future beyond imagination.

The education that Catalyst envisions is characterized by a fraternal relationship between teacher and student. The teacher is totally immersed in the life of their students: they share their interests, their worries, and their hopes. They are not so much a teacher pounding truths into their heads as they are an older brother or sister who helps students to discern within themselves their deepest call, to come to a better understanding of what is real, to recognize their own abilities, and thereby to discover progressively their place in the world.

Catalyst teachers are guided by a certain philosophy of education, of life really, that informs and describes this powerful and beautiful relationship. This guiding philosophy is the spirit that is to animate every facet of school life and drive the school culture.

It is all about relationship. In the end, the teacher is the decisive element in the classroom and in the lives of the young people entrusted to our care. One’s hands should tremble just a bit before opening the doors to the classroom that holds the minds and hearts that are our future.

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To read more about the founding of Catalyst and the network's history, please reference The Legacy of Lasallian Education at Catalyst Schools.

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