Have Your Say Day

The Catalyst Schools
Apr 16, 2012

Illinois Network of Charter Schools organizes an annual lobbying day in Springfield.  This year the day is referenced as "HAVE YOUR SAY DAY". 

Charter School students and their parents are invited to come from across the state to rally and speak to their representatives about the value of their charter school and the need for equitable funding. HB 5225 - Amendment 1 would change the way charter schools are funded. Current legislation allows a school district to provide from 75% - 125% of the dollars they provide their traditional public schools. In Chicago, charters receive 75%. The amendment being debated would change that funding strategy so the school districts would fund charters at 95% - 100%. Chicago Public Schools CEO, J.C. Brizard, believes this is a matter of justice since State dollars should follow the student to the school the family chooses for that student to attend.

Check out this link for more information.  Then, let your legislators know what you think.