Our Leadership

Catalyst Schools Network Team 

Position Team Member Name
Chief Executive Officer Gordon Hannon
Director of External Relations Edmund Siderewicz
Director of Finance and Compliance Michele Nunez

Finance and Human Resources Coordinator

Vanessa Aragon

Director of Facilities and Operations

Philip Smith

Director of Administration

Michael Kasang

 Catalyst-Circle Rock Charter School

Position Team Member Name
Principal Elizabeth Jamison-Dunn
Director of Instruction Erika Whitehead 
Director of Instruction Meagan Harrison
Director of Specialized Services Matthew Chivari
Office Manager LaQuesha Miller
Director of Community Outreach Sharon Morgan
Director of Graduate Support and Family Engagement  Charlotte Myers
Dean of Scholars Jason Kent
Assistant Dean of Scholars Lynette Russell 


 Catalyst Maria K-12 Charter School

Position Team Member Name
High School (9-12) Principal  and Executive Director K-12 Dawn Sandoval
Elementary School (K-8) Principal and Associate Director K-12
Tiffany Williams
Direction of Instruction Elementary  Ashley Zamora
Director of Instruction Elementary Krystina Henley
Manager of School Operations and Compliance Roxanne Ramirez
Director of Specialized Services High School Iyuna Harris
Director of Scholar Recruitment Naurice Olivera
Director of Specialized Services Elementary School Jill Smith
Director of Post Secondary Success Sasha Fawaz
Director of Academics and Assessment Nicole Gabriel
Director of Scholar Activities and Leadership Kelly Dore
Dean of Scholars Elementary School Veronica Robinson
Dean of Scholars High School Eldridge Brown
Dean of Scholars High School Chistina King
Graduate Support and Scholar Affairs Liaison K-8 Randall Moore

 Catalyst Schools Board of Directors

Title Name
Chair of Board of Directors & Academic Committee Chair Dr. Colleen Reardon
Finance Committee Chair and Treasurer Steven Brown
Development Committee Chair James Mendelson
Board Member Andrew Jones
Board Member Dr. Catherine Burns
Board Member Rick Hurd
Board Member Terry Toth
Board Member Yuan-Ying Hsu
Board Member Larry Williams
Board Member Steven D'Souza
Chief Executive Officer, Ex officio Gordon Hannon
Board Member Emeritus Rachel Mantz
Board Member Emeritus Bethany Hostetler
Board Member Emeritus Greg Mooney
Board Member Emeritus Heather Headley
Board Member Emeritus Joe Zednik
Board Member Emeritus Amy Soudan
Board Member Emeritus Michael Kelly

Catalyst FOIA Officer- Michael Kasang, Director of Administration This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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